Bundelkhand Art Society


About Bundelkhand Art

Bundelkhand Art Society is a rapidly growing organization of the Bundelkhand region. This blog- Bundelkhand Art is to share and promote all the activities conducted by Bundelkhand Art Society. Bundelkhand Art Society is a registered society under the Society Act 1860 established on 30 May 2017 to work for Arts & Culture as well as education, social welfare & awareness for the society.

There was the requirement of an organization in Bundelkhand Region which can regularize & keep active the National & International artistic activities by developing, empowering &promoting all types of Fine Arts & Culture. This was the dream of Bundelkhand born eminent artist & Art Educationist Mueen Akhtar. He has the desire to see the Bundelkhand Region as an international center for Arts and culture. He has also a dream to build up a strong art community at a large level to support and promote artists’ communities.

Vision of Bundelkhand Art Society

To develop, empower, encourage and promote of all type of Fine Arts & Culture and to develop Bundelkhand Region as an International Center for Arts and culture.


Bundelkhand Art Society aims to work for all types of Fine Arts and culture, artists and the art community. We wish to promote and conserve all regional arts, folk arts, cultural heritage, crafts works, and all those skills and trends of arts that are on the verge of decay. We also wish to work for education, skills developments, and social awareness and welfare program through arts and cultural activities. We have dreamt to develop Bundelkhand Region as the famous International and National Centre for Arts and culture. To come true this said dream, we are trying to regularize and are increasing artistic and cultural activities in the Bundelkhand region. We are working in all sections of society to develop Arts and culture. We also have the plan to promote and encourage art and artists online at the International level so that we can cover the maximum area of arts and its community.