The feeling of Joy is art- says Dr. Yatindra in Art and Artists

Dr. Yatindra Mahobe in Art and Artist_bundelkhand art

Dr. Yatindra Mahobe in Art and Artist

Bundelkhand Art Society is always determined to promote & assist the artist community. In order to accomplish this objective, we are going to start our new column- “Art & Artist”. Today we have Dr. Yatindra Mahobe in our art and artist column. Let’s read more about him.

Dr. Yatindra Mahobe is a good artist of collage work. He uses colored magazines for creating his collage artworks. He has made some great portraits and painting in collage. Infect you can see their images here.

Dr. Yatindra Mahobe in Art and Artist
Dr. Yatindra Mahobe in Art and Artist

General Introduction of Dr. Yatindra Mahobe

Artist & Professor Yatindra lives & works in Narsinghpur (MP). He is a qualified artist who completed his BFA & MFA in Fine Arts from Indira Kala Sangeet Vishvavidyalaya, Khairagarh. Farther he completed his research work in of “भारतीय चित्रकला में मनावाक्रतियों व व्यक्ति चित्रों का बदलता स्वरुप – कल और आज” on 18 January 2013. Presently he is working as an assistant professor in Govt. S. S. N. M. Mahila Mahavidyalaya Narsinghpur (MP). He is also perusing the responsibility of Head of the Department of Drawing & Painting at the College.

The feeling of Joy is art

Dr. Yatindra Mahobe in Art and Artist
A Beautiful Collage Painting of Dr. Yatindra Mahobe

Dr. Yatindra Mahobe considers Art as a comprehensive scope for everyone. According to him, Art is a creative work that we human beings do with the feeling of joy. Importantly Art should be social. Association with social life makes art more authentic & reasonable. Hence Art should be a social way of expression. Dr. Yatindra is active in the art field and observed the current scenario. Thus he noticed and accepted that at the present, Art has started to appear in a more realistic way in comparison with Abstract. So, this is a good sign for the art world. Consequently, Art is social.

Dr. Yatindra’ Art- Inspiration

Basically, Dr. Yatindra is a collage artist. This technique makes him different from other artists. There are not so many artists who are using collage as their main theme of art. Earlier, he is fond of drawing since his childhood. He got inspiration from his uncle. His uncle was the friend of his father & he was a good artist. Dr. Yatindra noticed his painting which inspired him. As already told he completed his fine art education & research work too. In addition to this, his Art Guru is retired professor S.K. Shrivastava, Khairagarh University.

Dr. Yatindra’ Art- Technique & Theme

Dr. Yatindra Mahobe is a very experienced artist. He has a long experience of 24 years in the field of art. Particularly, Dr. Yatindra is a good collage artist. His collage works have a bright attraction. One cannot notice the piece of paper pasted on the surface whenever he closely noticed his painting. The smart use of folded paper & perfect combination of light & dark creates the magic in his collage paintings. He made almost every theme in his collage works which showed his expertise in this technique. Whether it was a portrait or composition- every painting has a unique color technique. However, to create a bright & beautiful painting is a great work of mastery only with old colored magazine paper.

Dr. Yatindra Mahobe in Art and Artist
Dr. Yatindra Mahobe’s Collage work

Sky has no limit to Dr. Yatindra

Dr. Mahobe is a very talented person. He has attended so many seminars & workshops across the country. He has also submitted & published many papers. His works begged for many rewards & recognition at a high level. Hence, there are lots more achievements still to come from such a talented personality. Bundelkhand Art Society is pleased to feature him in our blog as the first artist in our Art & Artist Column. In the end, We wish him a bright future and hope Dr. Yatindra Mahobe will shine like a star.

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