New Year Celebration of Bundelkhand Art Society

The Young Team of Bundelkhand Art Society Ready to perform

R K Khatri conducting the program in the meeting of the Bundelkhand Art Society.

Jhansi, on 5 January 2020, Bundelkhand Art Society host a general assembly meeting.  Bundelkhand Art Society organized this meeting with the New Year celebration in Zayka Rastuarent Jhansi.

General Assembly Meeting of Bundelkhand Art Society

As Bundelkhand Art Society successfully hosted the National Exhibition & Awards in Nov last year, they celebrate this success in the form of new year celebration. The young team of Bundelkhand Art Society assembled together for New Year’s party. This party has so many purposes. It has the planning and the discussion on policies for upcoming programs and events.
R K Khatri welcoming Mueen Akhtar (photo by Bundelkhand art)
Ramesh Sonkar was welcomed by Dheeraj Khare (photo by Bundelkhand art)
Manjili Devaliya was welcomed by Meraj Fatima (photo by Bundelkhand art)

This program was designed and managed by Meraj Fatima, R K Khatri, and Mueen Akhtar. The meeting was led by Mueen Akhtar along with President Ramesh Sonkar, Treasurer Anand Shrivastava, executive member Manjili & Dheeraj Khare. New Members are added and welcomed by the official staff of the Society.
During the meeting, the following points were discussed and presented before the presented members:
·         Last Year’s progressive report was presented with all the details.
·       Final Reports of 2nd Bundelkhand National Annual Art Exhibition & awards-2019 was presented.
·         Planning the year 2020 was discussed and framed to work on.
·         Some new policies and Suggestions were asked and accepted by society’s authorities.
·         New members were introduced and added.
·    Fund Raise issue was put up to the table and discussed by the members and new sources of funds were pointed out to adopt them.
·       The Use of Social Media and Management of Social Media was specially described by Mueen Akhtar. He explained how important social media is for us and for society.
Initially, All the Authorities were welcome with a bouquet of flowers at the beginning of the program. Then the special guest- Mr. R K Khari, Shubhdeep Mukharji and Brajendra Pal were welcomed with the flowers. After this, each and every member was welcomed with a rose flower.
Meeting of Bundelkhand Art Society
In the opening address, Mueen Akhtar explained the aim and objectives of the society as well as the agenda of the meeting. He formally welcomed all the guests and new members to the meeting and also wished them Happy New Year. After him, Society President, Ramesh Sonkar addressed the meeting. He spoke on the hard work and ground reality of society. This whole program were guided and conducted by the auspicious guidance of RK Khatri and Meraj Fatima. New Memberships forms were distributed and filled to add the members formally to society.
(photo by Bundelkhand art)
Photo by Bundelkhand Art Society
After the welcome ceremony, Mueen Akhtar took the meeting and presented and discussed the above-mentioned points. He also asked suggestions from all for the betterment of the work of the society. Durgesh Kumar and Nitesh Panchal raised some important points and their points were noted down for the action work.
Lunchtime during the meeting of Bundelkhand Art Society
Lunchtime during the meeting of Bundelkhand Art Society
At the end of the meeting, a cake was cut by the guest and the society officials to celebrate the New Year party. Shubhdeep Mukharji was the special guest of the meeting. He was honored by Mueen Akhtar. This meeting followed a group lunch with all members and social authority. Everyone enjoyed delicious lunch together. Ramesh Sonkar gave the vote of thanks to everyone presented there. In this occasion, Mukesh Patel, Sheetal Soni, Manoj, Kamini Mishra, Seema Verma, Priyanka Richhariya, Sahiba Siddiqui, Nitesh, Durgesh, Shailendra, Amit, Ajay, Dharmendra, Sameet Khalidy, Shweta Jain and Upasna Jain were presented there.
During the meeting of Bundelkhand Art Society

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